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10 February 2009

Mike Joins the Band

Finally, we’ve found a replacement for Kev!!

Mike Nott has been a friend of Will’s since they were young and both used to play and record a lot of music together. He is actually a guitar player by trade, but Will has somehow convinced him to lose 2 strings and take over the L20 bass department.

Mike also seems to be quite organised and looking to make things happen for the band, so here’s to a prosperous looking 2009!!


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20 January 2009

New songs, hiatus etc etc

Hello to you, the priveleged few who frequent our pages!

We’re recording some new songs at the moment, which have been kicking around for a while.  Got some rough mixes but a little too rough for Myspace at the moment so waiting for the real deals.  Still a few more guitar/bv overdubs to do though.

The stress of doing 3 gigs last year was too much for Kev, so he’s gone world travelling indefinitely, leaving the rest of us to finish the recording and scratch around .  So basically what I’m saying is that the least hard working band in Essex is essentially on hiatus for a bit.

Who knows what’ll happen in the next couple of months though?



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3 December 2007

Songs, shows and holiday

OK here’s some ‘news’,

We’re going to start playing some shows in January – then hopefully we can start working towards world domination or something like that…

Chris has been on ‘holiday’ in the Middle East for the past month which is why we aren’t doing a whole heck of a lot.  Hopefully he’s ok!

Going to try and record a couple more songs too when he’s back, when they’re done they’ll be up here.


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23 November 2007

Smash the F’n Lock

There’s a new song up on our MySpace page (myspace.com/losttwenty) – Smash the Lock.

Hope you like!


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29 August 2007

New Songs


The 3 or 4 new songs we have are sounding quite different to what we already have up here, in a good way I think.

Hopefully we’ll have a couple of these recorded in the next month or so and also we’ll actually start playing some shows.

It’s been slow progress but we’re almost there.



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